Cloud Compute

Starting from
$8.00 USD
  • Standard type regular CPU SSD
  • High frequency type 3Ghz+CPU NVMe SSD
  • Enhanced Next-generation CPU NVMe SSD

Shared CPU
Virtual machines for apps with bursty performance, e.g. low traffic websites, blogs, CMS, dev/test environments, and small databases.

Optimized Cloud Compute

Starting from
$14.00 USD

Dedicated CPU for better performance
Virtual machines for more demanding business apps, e.g. production websites, CI/CD, video transcoding, or larger databases.
General Purpose
CPU Optimized
Memory Optimized
Storage Optimized

Cloud GPU

Starting from
$26.00 USD

Virtual machines with fractional or full NVIDIA GPUs for AI, machine learning, HPC, visual computing and VDI. Also available as Bare Metal.